F&B International s.r.l. is a young and dynamic enterprise which carefully follow European Directive (93/42/EEC) and relatives regulations, to design, manufacture and distribute medical devices designed to improve health and well-being.


All  our  devices  are  designed  in  accordance  with  the company’s policy that it is based on following fundamental principles:

  • clinical validation:
    every device is the result of the validation performed at hospitals and clinics, treating many diseases of thousands of patients;
  • natural therapy:
    our devices are neither intrusive nor annoying, and, furthermore, counteract pain and diseases by decreasing the use of drugs and minimizing side effects;
  • ease of use:
    the most modern technology in the service of ease of use and customer convenience. That is the philosophy behind our equipment: high professionalism of performance, for the best therapeutic results obtainable even directly at home.


Our production is certified in accordance to EN13485, it provides thorough checks at all stages of implementation of the medical device.


The CE0123 mark (issued by the Certification TÜV SÜD) is a guarantee of Medical Device certificate.


Our sales network, with the fundamental customer satisfaction, has focused in particular on the after-sales service and technical assistance.

The feedback between producers, distributors and users, contributes decisively to the continuous improvement of our equipment






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