Applications and Benefits

We will refer in particular to:

  • Low Frequency, for frequencies from 1 to 100 Hz;
  • High Frequency, for frequencies from 100 to 5.000 Hz, and a carrier frequency between 20 and 30 MHz.;


Low frequency impulses (LF) have proved particularly effective for stimulating greater assimilation of calcium, which is a very important factor, helping the bones to increase in strength and become less subject to the risk of fracture, the onset of degenerative sickness and osteoporosis.
High frequency impulses (HF), and in part, also LF ones, improve blood circulation and can stimulate endorphin production by the neuro-vegetative system, whit a consequent reduction of the pain associated whit various pathogenic states and an effective anti-inflammatory action.

Therefore, both acute and chronic conditions can be treated, ensuring a healing and/or improving effect on the patient’s state of health.

The benefits of magnetic therapy are therefore multiple; we list some of them below:


  • anti-inflammatory action (HF);
  • analgesic/painkilling effects (HF):
    • stimulus of endorfine production;
  • effects on bone tissue (LF):
    • increased bone resistance
    • improvement of osteogenesis
    • increased mineralisation
    • acceleration of calcification in fractures;
  • vasoactive action (HF):
    • increase in peripheral blood flow and blood circulation rate
    • increase of vascular irrigation
    • improved oxygen isolation and reduction in liquid accumulation;
  • anti-edemigenous and tissue-repairing action (HF):
    • accelerated healing of wounds and sores
    • acceleration of healing processes in soft tissue;
  • bacteriostatic/anti-allergic activity (HF) (LF):
    • Acceleration of soft tissue healing processes (HF) (LF;
  • neural equilibrating action (neuro-regulation of the hypothalamus, liver and spleen) (HF);
  • improvement of skin metabolism and anti-ageing action on tissue (HF) (LF).


Thus, beneficial results from the use of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) are obtain particularly in the joints (arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, bone fractures, etc.), in muscle/tendons (back pain, sciatica, tendinitis, sprains, rheumatic pain, etc.), at vascular level (phlebitis, varicose veins, oedemas, sores, healing of wounds, etc.).

Applications must have a duration of at least 30 minutes, extendable according to the pathology and the user's needs, usually once a day and for a total duration variable between 15 and 30 days.

The treatment periods may be repeated cyclically with a 20/30 day interval.
It is important to re-emphasize that the electromagnetic therapy, does not intoxicate the organism or produces any side-effects, unlike other instrumental therapies. It offers the advantage, compared to other instrumental therapies, not to be disturbing for those who use it, and of not requiring the search for special points for the application, since it is sufficient to position the parts applied on the painful area.






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