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Scarica la scheda tecnicaMAGNETOFIELD® is a famous and widespread trademark and it is present on the market for over 10 years.

MAGNETOFIELD® is a landmark for electro-medical industry and his target is to produce devices for electromagnetic therapy increasingly safe and effective.

MAGNETOFIELD® The”know How”, the patents and the clinical experience, are what distinguishes us.


The range of products MAGNETOFIELD® provides a solution to the health and well-being of the person. Today we are able to offer a complete range of cutting-edge products to meet all the requirements for the well-being and health of your body.
All our devices are designed for professional and home use and are characterized for the easy of their use.


All our devices are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, in accordance with the company’s policy that it is based on following fundamental principles:

  • All our products are the result of extensive research to achieve the validation with clinical studies in hospitals and clinical centres.
  • The use of our devices is not invasive or annoying, effectively counteracts pains problems connected to many pathologies. 
  • All our products are designed and engineered for maximum ease and comfort of use.


Our production is certified according to EN13485 Directive (issued by the Notified Body: TÜV SÜD PS), which provides thorough checks at all stages of production of the Medical Devices, and they are CE marked.


Our medical devices


Nocturno-3NOCTURNO It’s a portable medical device for the high-frequency electromagnetic therapy designed specifically for the treatments to be carried out lying, usually during the night.



magnetofield smMAGNETOFIELD® It’s a medical device for high and low frequency electromagnetic therapy (even simultaneously). Easy to use, is the perfect solution for the treatment of troubles and pains resulting from acute or chronic pathologies. It’s suitable both in professional and home use.


magnetofield revolution smMAGNETOFIELD® REVOLUTION It’s a innovative device: thanks to its exclusive patents, it’s able to match the Magnetofield® performance with the plus of the wireless technology, allowing the patient to take advantage of the therapy at any place and at any time, even while moving freely.


magnetotens smMAGNETOTENS It is the perfect solution to counteract inflammatory problems and trauma: its combined action of magnetic therapy and TENS pain therapy improves the effectiveness of both therapies.



twinfield smTWINFIELD This medical device is the only one of its kind. It allows performing two different magnetic therapy treatments in the same time, on the same patient or on two different subjects..



Nocturnosport smNOCTURNO SPORT This medical device is especially designed for to be used during the fitness activity. Small, light and practical, is the ideal equipment for people who plays sport both as professional and as amateur.


Our veterinary devices


Thanks to experience gained in the production of medical equipment, we have developed a new range of products specifically dedicated to veterinary use. These devices are suitable for both income animals and for pets.


easyvet smEASY VET It is the most simple and convenient portable solution to apply the benefits of high frequency electromagnetic therapy in the field of veterinarian applications.



magnetovet smMAGNETO VET This low and high electromagnetic therapy device is ideal for every professionals or animal lovers who need a safe and effective equipment to take care of the health of animals.



magnetovetrevolution smMAGNETO VET REVOLUTION This device is the evolution of Magneto Vet. It combines the features of Magneto Vet with the wireless technology. It allows to perform electromagnetic treatments directly on the animal (also by means of textile accessories), without requiring that the local devices have to be connected to the equipment.







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